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Microsoft Power Platform Conference – Trip of a Lifetime

I was going through a really rough time. I had experienced a loss that so many do experience – one of my 14 year old littermate kitties, Archie, had taken a sudden turn and had to be put to sleep. It was almost my birthday and I had lost one of my beloved cats and…

How to Block Downloads with Stream on SharePoint

Anyone else stuck in a slow migration nightmare? That may be a tad dramatic, but… I gotta be me, y’know? Anyway, a big hurdle came up in our Stream Classic migration with a user who had a really good question. How can we block downloads with this new-fangled Stream option? It was a setting within…

Sending Flow Result Messages Back to a Power App

Recently I was asked if I could add a success message to a Power App – something to indicate that they’ve clicked the button. I added a beautiful spinner and dusted off my hands, job well done. Well, no, they wanted to know that the Power Automate flow that the button triggered had actually run…

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