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  • Calling Multiple APIs in One Power BI Report (And All the Work-Arounds That Required)

    So, this one was a lot more difficult than it should have been. It started with a plea for help on Twitter and a really helpful first blog post (created for me, so honored!) from Andy O’Donnell here. (He’s super nice, follow him on Twitter too!) Andy got me going, which I am SO grateful […]

  • Frankenstein’s Monster Error Handling for Power Automate Cloud Flows

    Be warned now – the content in this post is not 100% from my own brain and genius. In fact, it is cobbled together from three different geniuses who were kind enough to post their own methods for error handling in Power Automate over the years. I’ve judiciously bookmarked those posts, just waiting for when […]

  • How To Create a Name Pronunciation Database Using the Power Platform (now with samples links!)

    The Problem and Requirements I work at a medical research institute that is incredibly diverse. We have scientists from all over the globe, which can lead to some frustration on everyone’s part when it comes to the diverse names that these employees have. To be clear – it’s not just an issue of names that […]

  • Tracking Your Productivity using Outlook Categories and Power BI (Desktop)

    Basic Category Visualization Adding Value Add vs Non Value Add Comparison NEW: Tracking Longitudinal Growth Over Time Our client had an additional ask – how do we see in one visual how someone is performing in the categories over a span of time? Here are the steps I walked through to create my end visual: […]

  • How To: Display Your M365 Group in Outlook (if you can’t find it)

    If you’ve spent much time with the Microsoft 365 eco-system, then you know as well as I do that there are countless ways to create new M365 groups. Everyone has their own preferences, certainly, and there isn’t really a need to pick only one method. What gets created and set-up as a result of creating […]

  • On Change, Growth, 2020, and Other Ramblings

    It’s commonplace to ask someone, “How’s it going?” or some variation when greeting them, even in our “new normal” (isn’t it just “regular normal” by now?) way of doing it virtually in 2020. More often than not, these days, I sigh heavily and say, “It’s complicated” or “Who knows?”. I’m not trying to be flippant […]

  • Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

    Burnout is a disease we are all capable of catching. It’s one I battled for years as a teacher, and while I hadn’t yet caught it in my new career, I could feel it lurking much sooner than anticipated. It isn’t that I’m unhappy or unfulfilled because I’m neither of those things – I have […]

  • How To Share Your Screen AND See Your Audience in Microsoft Teams

    If you are able to have more than one monitor, your life as virtual educator or work from home employee is a lot easier. One of those ways that life is easier is that you can both share your screen to present whatever information is relevant while also seeing your audience. It isn’t immediately clear, […]

  • A Free Way to Improve Employee Productivity

    Businesses (and people in general) love getting things for free. Cut costs? Awesome. Save money? Super. So what if I were to tell you that there is a FREE way to make employees happier, more productive, and more likely to stay at your company? Spoiler alert – it’s really not rocket science. Also, as a […]

  • How To: Change Team Names in Teams for Education

    It’s almost fall and your IT department is swamped making hundreds if not thousands of Teams for teachers and their classes. However, sometimes their naming conventions they’ve utilized might not work best for teachers. We all know that IT doesn’t have the time to go in and fix the name of your Team to suit […]